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Ponderosa Lhasa Apso Ranch

We Specialize in Raising PureBred AKC Registered Lhasa Apso's for Show or Companions


"The puppies are first class and healthy ~ the information and transaction was handled extremely efficiently ~ our Meeka is very, very smart, and good tempered ~ she is loving an..."

Gloria Pappas

"The most caring and loving breeder I have ever meet. Their puppies are the best!"

Ursula Zampella

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We Are Proud Breeders Of AKC Registered Lhasa Apso's

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We are AKC inspected.

           We are a small 3rd Generation Kennel in South Carolina. This was a Family project that started from 2 Lhasa Apso and has now expanded to become a love of our life. We are located in South Carolina Northwest of Charleston in a town called Ridgeville. We started raising Lhasa Apso's about 25 years ago and have been breeding PureBred AKC Registered Lhasa Apso's for show and companions ever since.

      All of our Lhasa Apso's we raise, are considered part of our family, and our pets. We raise quality, purebred Lhasa Apso's with pedigrees available. All of our animals live in a extremely clean environment and receive loads of love and exceptional care each day. We Breed well tempered Lhasa Apso's which helps assure that they will have affectionate and good-tempered puppies, whether sold for show, breeding, or companionship. We always give our females a proper, long, and well-deserved period of rest. We specialize in breeding quality pedigreed Lhasa Apso's in many colors, now including:

  • Black (Solid Black)
  • Golden (Pale Gold to Wheaten)
  • Grizzle (Bluish-Gray or Iron Gray color due to an admixture of Black and White hairs)
  • Red Grizzle (Admixture of Black and Red hairs)
  • Red Gold (Dark Apricot to Light Red)
  • Cream (Almost White to darker shades of Cream)
  • Parti (Black and White)
  • Red (Solid Red with shades of Viszla Red to Irish Setter Red)

We are working on the following colors:

Alternate Colors:

  • Gray (Light Charcoal or Blue or Grizzle)
  • Silver (Admixture of Cream and Black, Charcoal or Gray; i.e. Cream Sable or Cream Grizzle)
  • Liver (or Brown or Chocolate--deep Reddish Brown with self-colored Liver skin pigment)
  • Charcoal (Dark Slate Gray; i.e. Faded Black)
  • Blue (A dilution of Black, either light or Dark Blue Gray with self-colored Blue skin pigment) 

     Please learn all you can about any breed that you plan to purchase before buying. We want our puppies to go to informed homes so that they get the best of care that we provide them with here, and have all of their needs met. This also includes excellent grooming, regular nail trimming and proper diet. If you are looking for Lhasa Apso's to purchase, check our "Lhasa Apso's For Sale" page. 

Please check back often, as we will be updating frequently and making changes. Thank You


The Lhasa Apso Ranch

 *Now Offering MicroChipping*

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