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Quotes Hello Michelle, just wanted you to know I think you are Great! I the smartest puppy I have ever seen. You took such Great care of him before I got him, When I took him to the Initial Vet Visit he did not have any worms they took a fecal and couldn't find any and not one flea. He is so smart for only 4 months old he is house-trained last accident was 2 months ago, and that was my fault he tried to get outside. He knows down, sit, shake and stay.I would recommend you to everybody. If I had time I would show him he is a champion and such a beauty I am stopped by people everywhere we go. Quotes
Jaime McNinch
Awesome breeder

Quotes Hi Michelle! It was a year ago today we brought this adorable puppy home! Just wanted you to know she is healthy, happy, funny and dare I say housebroken! We love her to pieces! This picture I'd from this morning...she lives to sit on the picnic table and survey her surroundings! Thanks for a super puppy! Debie Quotes

Quotes Hi, Just wanted to update you on LolaBee! She is almost 7mos old and practically housebroken....stubborn little girl! She has decided that she doesn't like to pee outdoors when it is cold and rainy! Can't blame her I guess....but she is a dog! =) She has really "grown up" in the last few weeks. Lola recognizes her "sisters" when they come home and they have quite the love fest. She and Zuri get along fabulously and Lola is friendlier with strange dogs then people! She is no longer afraid of our friends who come into our home...she will actually let them pick her up and cuddle her. Big improvement! People and loud noises out in public still frieghten her a bit, but she continues to get better and better. She is sleeping on our bed now, but occasionally we have her sleep in her crate just to keep her well trained. She is about 10-11 pounds and all LEG! She has the longest legs!! We shaved her a couple of weeks back and her color is different now. Quotes

Quotes Hi Michelle, We are enjoying our new puppy. We named him Buddha after the fact that the Lhasa?s were bred to be companions and watch dogs for Buddhist monks. He still does his tongue thing, which is absolutely adorable. He is transitioning well; he loves his area and toys. He?s doing well with paper training; he?s only had a few minor accidents but is learning fast. He had his vet visit this morning and got a clean bill of health. He?s scheduled for his next set of vaccines. All that?s left is his AKC registration which we will complete soon. We love him lots! Courtney and Chris Quotes

Quotes Hello Michelle, Just wanted to let you know what a great dog Lacey has turned out to be. At 12 months she is 12.2 pounds and just perfect in all ways. She is just a total delight. She loves the RV and the Mountain house and just loves living at the beach. She is very socialized and loves big, small, medium and all types of dogs. Lacey is enrolled in obedience training class with Jackie Wilson in the South Bay area. She attends every Saturday if we are not traveling in the RV. We just celebrated her birthday at Banning K-9 camp where 40 adults and 32 dogs attended her party. What fun!!!! I have included several pictures to let you see how she is maturing. We just love her!!! She is a wonderful dog with such great inner and outer beauty. We were so lucky to find you and her. Thanks again for such a great dog. Please keep us posted if you have a new litter. Would love to see them. Thanks again Laurell, Becky and Lacey Quotes
Becky and Lacey

Quotes We this year lost our purfect furry companion to cancer, we were devistated, we didn't know how to cope with the lonleyness and emptyness we felt with out him.We thought we could not bear another pet and then someday face loss again,but the emptyness got the best of us so we looked for a breeder of the same type of dog,because he had been the best pet friend ever ! So we found the Ponderosa Lhasa Apso Ranch on line and found out they were very close to our home area,I spoke to Michelle on the phone and told her my story , she was very compassionate and understanding of our pain and loss.! We looked at her puppies for sale and worked out a plan to work toward the sale price and when the next litter would be born ,we would get a new baby , We now have a beautiful tri color (parti) babygirl. she is just what we needed to fill the hole in our heart and life from the loss of our pervious pet child ! We are very thankful and happy with our new baby , her name is patches , she is purfect ! Quotes
from heartbreak to puppy love

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  • "When I took Sophie to her first puppy socialization class, the teachers were so intrigued because they said they had not seen a Lhasa Apso come thru in 5 to 7 years. They said t..."